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2002 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Jointly adminsitered by WRDA & BARC Wales 

Supported by The Pembrey Performance Driving School

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Pembrey 31/8/02


The day was going to turn out to be fine and sunny, but there was still a trace of dampness on the track as qualifying got underway. Joining us for the first time this year was 1999 champion Graham Cole, this time in Larry’s Sierra Cosworth rather than his trusty Darrian. Graham took just a few minutes to decide that the Cossie needed a wee bit of re-modelling, and promptly spun at Hatchetts to add those finishing touches to both back and front of the car! (Cue Dewi and his napping hammer, according to Graham). Less than half a second divided Terry and Clive at the front, with Terry edging it once again. Behind on the grid, Dave Smith’s Mallock, Peter Williams’s Global Light and Nick Spence’s Marcos were all closely grouped, followed by Huw Williams, who put in a very promising 1.06.93 in his Darrian T9. Crowd entertainer of the year Graham Hollis was next up, again displaying extraordinary car control in his Escort Mk II. Chris Everill was a welcome visitor in his Ginetta G20R, ahead of Larry Phillips in the Integra and Peter Salter’s Rover Gti. Peter posted an excellent time on 1m 09.97. Dave Botterill in the Porsche 924 Carrera GT was also out with us, with Jonathan Williams making a welcome return in his rally prepared Rover Gti. Mr Cole did get the Sierra going after his early off-roading, but was further down the grid than he is used to.

 The Race - 12 lap

Terry blasted off at the start, and try as Clive might, the game was up early on, with the flying Radical duo lapping everyone but themselves. Behind this, the latest chapter in what is becoming a great saga of racing was underway between Dave, Nick and Peter Williams. Quite early on, Nick pushed a little too hard at Brooklands, and spun. Regaining control, Nick ended up being the closest witness of a race long battle between Daves’ Mallock and Peters’ Global Light. Places were traded a number of times with some great, clean racing, and this time Dave shaded it by a tenth of a second! Huw Williams was unfortunate again, lasting only a few laps before his dreaded gearbox gremlins struck. Graham Hollis kept Cindy behind him (before she retired with engine problems after 7 laps), after he had livened up the warm up lap by doing a 360 degree pirouette on to the great appreciation of the crowd by Hatchetts (be honest Graham – was it deliberate!?). Dave Botterill had an excellent race, fighting his way through the pack to finish 7th and in doing so winning the honour of ‘Driver of the Day’. Larry Philips lead home the Class G cars (Rhodri was looking on forlornly as a spectator – his Honda should be repaired by October). Chris Everill was next, followed by Peter Salter, who managed to get past Jonathan Williams after a terrific scrap between the two Rovers. Jonathan’s rallying skills certainly made his car wide! Graham Cole was between the Rovers at the end of the race, after getting bogged down at the start and after one or 2 half spins! All in all, another very good day’s racing. Next up, Pembrey again on Oct 19/20th. See you all then!

Full results and times can be found on, and here are some paddock shots to build up the atmosphere.


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Nick gets ready to rumble

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     So whats that paper you've got in your hand then Clive?                      Terrys' car.. fit and ready to go!

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                                    Sixty Nine?                                                 Its ok when you B&Q it!


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                        Brecon Motors - that'll do nicely                                M&P .. snap!


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                                            U2                                                             No yoo hoo! Peter takes the Global view!

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                                        Cindy                                                                     Huw All nice and shiny!