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2005 News

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2005 countdown -- get your entries in early!

The start of the 2005 season is getting closer and closer and anyone who has not got their entry in by now, needs to get themselves into gear, and send the entry form in now.

A lot of work has gone into preparing the 2005 season and everyone concerned deserves our congratulations on putting together an excellent calendar full of top quality rounds including our first ever visit to Thruxton.

There will be some new cars & new faces as well as the championship regulars and it looks an exciting prospect.

A number of drivers have already got their entries in, and we must say thank you to those who have.

Those who haven't run the risk of losing out, apart from paying more for their entry. More importantly any delay in entering means we lose the chance of having separate races for the aloons and Sportscars.

For anyone who thinks they could lose money by entering before the first official closing and then withdrawing if they damage their car or engine in a previous round, the final instructions state

Withdrawal of entry before closing date - full refund

Withdrawal of entry by post or phone between closing date and the Monday
prior to the meeting is a refund less 20.00

Withdrawal of entry date after that Monday .. no refund

Please also see the note on the top of the BARC entry forms.

Races are not necessarily run in the order shown on this form.

Look forward to seeing you on the track.