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Pembrey Test Day March 10th

There were plenty of new cars and faces along with the established drivers and cars. Keith Butcher gave his new Audi TT a run, It looked and sounded amazing, although with Keith sat in the back seat it looked like he was waiting for his chauffeur to turn up rather than drive himself!

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Steve Griffiths & Graham Cole spent at lot of time looking at the data. Graham had a nice line in sun shades- high tech or what?

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Mark Nicholson had his e-bay Honda on hand, but Doug Bowkett was having some woes in his new Clio as did WRDA Chairman Mike Woods who was finding it hard to get his Honda to run clean. Nice to see new members Peter Crewes and Dominic Edgell getting out there. Lee David, Greg Wood, Peter Gibbs,  Alexis Cole, Adrian Chapman and Clive and Cindy were also out enjoying a super spring day. It won't be long till the first round and it'll be nice to see everyone on the track giving it some hot race action-Can't wait