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Dave Krayems Silverstone notes

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Dear Alan, I had AN UNBELIEVABLE weekend at the SRO European FIA GT meeting at Silverstone as I won the new FIA GT 90's Revival race in the Stealth.

However I must admit some of my best racing and paddock times have been with you Welsh guys especially the race long duels with Peter where we were side by side in our Radicals and slicing through back markers for 20 minutes in both races one weekend last year without a single contact.( I won both).

I think I will be back with 2 customers in a Juno and Jade.  I would use the Radical unless we wanted to test the Stealth in one or two of your meetings in preperation for the FIA GT 90's races.

Best Regards,
David Krayem
44 (0)1666 503388

Hi Dave, Congratulations on your great Win! Fantastic news. You know your guys will be most welcome to join us and Peter will be glad to see you back.

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You can also check the Silverstone Gallery on http://www.gt90s-revival.com/pics/Round%201%20-%20Silverstone/index.html

for more.

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