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Another fantastic weekend’s racing!

Saturday - Round 8

The race was won by Terry Brown’s Radical after a really close encounter with Peter Williams’s Radical. The duo diced for nearly all race, with Terry just coming out on top. In the saloons there was an epic battle between Rhodri Jenkins and Rhys Lloyd, with the lead changing no less than 4 times before Rhodri finally managed to just edge away. Rhys’s performance gave him the driver of the day award. And that was not the only action – Anthony Allitt and Matthew Perkins had their Rovers joined together all race, with Anthony just coming out on top by less than a fifth of a second!

Sunday – Round 9

Potential mayhem at the start! Terry’s clutch wouldn’t engage - Nigel Bowen started really slowly, and a few Radicals seemed to be slower than usual away, with the end result that there was almost a car park in front as the saloons steamed towards them! Luckily no-one was hit, and Rhodri managed to slip next to the Armco to head the saloons ahead of Rhys Lloyd, who had out-qualified him with a personal best time of 1m 5.986s. Before the first lap was out, some semblance of order had been restored with Alvin Powell’s Mondeo and Martin Davies’s Cosworth duelling at the head of the saloons, but Terry had a lot of work to do once he finally got drive, and he spent the race successfully chasing down the other Radicals to win the Driver of the Day award. Rhodri and Rhys, meanwhile, had another fantastic battle, with lap times that have not been seen in Class G before – both beating the old lap record, with Rhys finally establishing a new benchmark by setting a new lap record of 1m 5.578!

please go to index and follow link re Will Llloyd

See www.mst-group.co.uk for full results including qualifying times and individual lap times…


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