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Letter from America (Well Alistair Cooke has just retired so here's Andrew Williams)

Dear Robert, Here is some news for people who are thinking, ' Why don't we ever hear anything from him?'

My main reason for renewing every year is that The WRDA is about my only connection to my Welsh heritage and I'm very happy just to be able to wear the wrda patch on my drivers suit and have the sticker on my car every year.

Actually, until last year, I had a string of bad luck after joining the wrda; some mechanical mishaps and two bad crashes! I thought maybe it was some sort of weird Welsh intiation I was unaware of.

However, I seem to be back on track now and I am happy to inform you that last summer I upheld the honor of the WRDA in America! It was a short season as I only had two races. But I won both of them including the run-offs for a regional SCCA championship called the North Atlantic Road Racing Championship. More to the point, I seriously pissed off guys 20-30 years younger who had been running the whole season and expected to take the run-off race. Great fun!

I hope to have more good news for you this year.

Best regards,
Andrew Williams

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