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HI Robert,

Really enjoyed the weekend, hopefully Anthony will buy Peters GTi so we can have a few more battle's !! Chris my spanner-man was so impressed with the little rovers out there racing he has decided to give up the rally cars for a while and come and have a play in a GTi.

The interest in getting cars more evenly matched and racing each other has got other drivers thinking why am I running around on my own and missing all the fun!!

The little RED ARROW I am running cost me 2250

I bring it home from a meeting pop it on the ramp, check nothing is falling off, change the oil (optional) wash it and we are ready to go!

I can put anybody who is interested in buying an  ex Rover Cup Car in the right direction call me on 07939204205

p.s. Graham Middleton of MATADOR Tyres can supply slicks @ 70.00 a piece CHEAP!!

Cheers Mat Perkins.

Thanks Mat. Lets hope a few more follow your lead!



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