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Pembrey May 15/16th - Saloon Car chat from Anthony Allitt

What a great weekend !! My first full weekend as owner of ex Peter Salters Rover GTi ( ex remember Peter ex !! ) he keeps forgetting, poor chap . Peter was there this weekend showing me the way and a big thanks to him as we had a busy weekend !

Quali on Saturday was a quiet find my feet affair, got pipped by Matthew who keeps getting quicker every weekend. The race was a lot busier , Mat and myself got glued together again and it raged all race. I finally made a pass on him at Honda and pulled out a little gap due mainly to the traffic which was really busy this weekend and now seems to hunt in packs !!

During the Saturday after the race I repeated something to Matthew that Peter was telling me all day.."Paddock crossing is flat 4th Anthony !"

"No No" Matthew said "its on the limiter in 3rd" , well.. Matthew did get 4th at Paddock in Sundays quali and hit the exit kerb and had a big one almost rolling...but when I saw Matthew after the accident the first thing he said was "Anthony paddock crossing is DEFINATELY 4th !!" YEAH YEAH Matt

Sundays race was amazing , I had a decent grid spot and thought to myself get a good start and stay ahead !! It was a good plan ..but didn’t work out. Two thoughts in the first straight were, how the hell did Lee get there ! and where did that bloody Swift come from!!

All credit to Matthew and Grant it was incredible racing although my car has had to go to the paint shop !! ( thanks Grant ) I will be studying the BTCC a bit more closely from now on !! Its getting very tight at the back ( no pun intended ) and a few more cars the join the fray or so i hear its gonna be a fantastic year......

Best to you all

Anthony Allitt

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