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Pembrey May 15/16th - Graham Cole puts you in the drivers seat

Sunday’s race:

Suffered from Understeer on Saturday, so made some suspension changes for the Sunday race upping the spring rates by 300 lbs front and rear. Felt more stable during qualifying but spent almost the entire session cursing my luck when catching slower cars – brilliant excuse now that we have a bigger grid! Anyway, got in 2 reasonable runs to clinch 3rd on the grid with a 59.3sec lap. Inexplicably slower than Saturday though.

For the Race I got another good start and popped passed Jeff Davies but got simply out-dragged by the immensely powerful Brown Radical. Never really saw him again but pushed hard untill lap 4 when the back-markers came into play and Terry was delayed at the hairpin – so I was onto him! Trouble is I was held up at the next bend too!….and he got away, never to be seen running again!

By lap 8? we were really into the back-markers and a gaggle of them were between me and the hard chasing Jeff Davies in the orange Radical. I could keep him away up the straights but he was much quicker around the pit bends and Brooklands, and after defending for a few laps I had an exiting sideways moment coming out of Honda when he and I nearly tagged a backmarker each! He told me later, he’d taken to the grass on the outside and just survived. A lap later though he was on my tail again, and inevitably took me on the approach to Brooklands in amongst another backmarker melee! I chased hard and on the approach to Hatchets a lap from the end, I was on his tail approaching Hatchets when he and I again caught a pair of backmarkers. This time Jeff just got through, but I was hit by the chap who obviously hadn’t seen me. The front of my car was wrecked, and the dabble for the lead was over. I managed to struggle to the finish and clinch second but will need to replace front undertray, front body section, and spoiler – just the excuse I was was looking for to try some new Carbon Fibre panels!

Roll on the next round and god bless backmarkers (those with good mirrors and eyesight anyway) – it’s the only chance I have of catching those pesky Radicals!




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