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Notes on overtaking from Alan Jenkins

Alan Jenkins, National A Clerk of the Course and Committee member, runs through overtaking rules for multi class racing.

Multi class racing like the Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship by its nature produces significant speed differentials and so overtaking can lead to a potential disaster if both parties don’t obey the basic rules. All competitors need to be aware of the potential speed of all cars so that they can make the necessary allowances.

The Blue Flag. This is an information flag and does not mean pull out of the way. Held stationary it means you are being followed closely. Waved it means you are about to be overtaken.

So in multi class racing the slower cars need to watch their mirrors and look out for the blue flags. Do not make any unpredictable moves and stay on the racing line. By doing this the faster car will know where you are going to be on the track and can plan their overtaking accordingly.

The onus is on the faster cars to plan their overtaking, with out bullying or forcing their way past the slower car. Be aware of the speed differentials when approaching the turning in points. Remember that the other cars will be having their own race.

If we all obey these simple rules then our racing will be much safer and we may be able to avoid any nasty speed related collisions.

So safe racing to you all.

If anyone has any questions on any topic please forward it to Rob and we will attempt to answer

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