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Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship - round 11 Pembrey 25th September

Bumper Grid – Big win for Terry

Entry & Practice

There was a super entry with 24 cars and drivers, which if it isn’t a record must be close it and close to the circuit limit too!

Joining the regulars was a healthy sprinkling of Mallocks and few old faces returning to the fold. Fastest of the newcomers was Russ Leaviss in his Mallock MK30 PR who was 6th but the man on pole was the familiar face of Terry Brown and his Radical with an excellent time of 56.391 seconds. 2nd was Jeff Davies (57.424) with Huw Williams 3rd (58.417)making it a Radical 1-2-3. 4th (58.850)and the first coupe` was Graham Cole and his beautiful red Darrian, whilst 5th was Richard Rhozon and his Radical who at 56.544 was the last of the runners under 60 seconds. Larry Phillips was 7th and was the Radical meat in a Mallock sandwich with Russ Leaviss in front of him and the Mallock of Morgan Burgess behind him. Newcomer Chaz Ryles and his Fisher Fury with a Kawasaki engine was the last of the quick GTs in 9th place

10th and Pole Position man for the Saloons was Rhodri Jenkins posting a time of 65.185 in his Honda Civic R. However Rhodri had some cover between his car and that or Rhys and Christian in the shape of Shane Marshall and the last of the Mallocks (65.509) and Graham Hollis and his usually well set up Escort (65.911) (well it must be well set up to allow him to drive it the way he does!) Rhys Lloyd (66.287) and Christian Evans (66.351) were next with Andrew Williams next (66.914).

Andrew needed to find a new home for his engine & gearbox after a nasty accident at Brands Hatch, when something at the front broke while going full bore down the straight and the subsequent impact with the barrier trashed the chassis of his familiar Sierra. The new car looked very nice and was quick enough for 16th. 17th and first of the Rover 216 posse was Matthew Perkins (69.336) with Anthony Allitt (70.610) and Lee David (70.735) close behind. 19th was Ken Rattenbury (71.119) with Jonathon Williams (long time - no see) this time in a Honda Civic (71.630)20th . Next was the final Rover 216 of Chris Davies (71.647), with Stephen Pearcy 22nd with his Honda Accord (72.279) , Adrian Chapman, Raw Striker (74.921) and finally Alun Fowler (76.3)and his lovely Jaguar XJS (perhaps the Jaguar F1 Team had seen Anthony Allits spoof F1 photo and decided that the Welsh Championship was the place to be!)

Race report – 15 minutes plus a lap

With a mammoth grid behind him Terry made a perfect start and was never headed, in his wake there was a certain amount of mayhem as Jeff Davies was slow away and plenty of dicing for the first corner. Lee David was the first spinner, but at the end of the lap Terry was followed by Huw Williams, Graham Cole and the recovering Jeff Davies! That didn’t last long as both Graham & Jeff indulged in synchronised spinning at Hatchets. Jeff recovered to finish 2nd overall after both Huw and Graham both dropped out at half distance. Huw with suspected chain trouble and Grahams engine stopped. That left Richard Rhozon in 3rd place with visiting driver Russ Leaviss in 4th.

There was plenty of dicing in the pack but the race was red flagged after 12 laps with a car in a dangerous place to give Terry his umpteenth win of the season. One lap down Larry Phillips was 5th in the Radical he shares with Keith Butcher (It was Larrys turn this time!).

Completing the top 6, and profiting from the demise of Huw, Graham and Shane Marshall, was Graham Hollis closely followed by Rhodri Jenkins, Andy Williams and Rhys Lloyd. Graham has had a very successful year rallying, with his Mk2 Escort wining his class, and awards for 1st Ford and 1st rear wheel drive car, finishing 5th overall against a lot of 4wd supercars, but he wasn’t getting any slack from the likes of Rhodri. "It’s getting harder and harder to beat him. He’s usually faster in qualifying and he’s always in your mirrors. I tried hard to be neater and not so sideways but the car is set up for oversteer anyway!"

10th and the last runner on 11 laps was Christian Evans who saw his championship chances take a dip by finishing 2nd in class to Andy Williams and losing time with a spin. Many drivers report it being slippery and Jeff Davies did it twice (spin that is).

11th and first 216 was Anthony Allitt, with the Mallock of Morgan Burgess next. The 216 trio of Matthew Perkins, Christopher Davies and Lee David were 13-14-15th , with the real Hondas of Jonathon Williams and Stephen Pearcy 16th & 17th. 18th was Ken Rattenbury and 19th and last was Adrian Chapman who at least finished which is more than the unfortunate Chaz Ryles, Alun Fowler and Shane Marshal could do!

With the race scheduled before lunch at least it was over by a civilised hour, leaving the afternoon free for whatever. In Terrys case it was time to reflect on another faultless performance.

Link to Practice& Race times on MST

Sunday 26th report



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