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2009 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Round 2 report

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Smokin! Mike leaves the pack to eat his dust as he cements win No 2

Race 2 Sunday 19th April -15 mins + 1 lap

Sunday dawned as an even sunnier spring day, if that was possible, without a cloud in the sky. There were clouds of diesel smoke however as it was a Truck weekend, but at least the trucks attract a good crowd of spectators. There were also clouds of cement dust too to try and mop up, and the grid were allowed 2 pace laps to try & identify & clear some of it. However when the lights changed, although John Morris got off to a good start it was Michael Riordan took the lead out of Hatchets, and then began to draw away to another seemigly effortless & comfortable win. Although he did have a dusty moment on the exit of the paddock turn late on, that was about his only mistake of the whole weekend. The drivers on the rise this time were Martin Davies and Jeff Davies who were the ones to watch. Martin sliced through the field like the proverbial hot knife through butter, rising to 9th on lap one, 4th on lap 2, 3rd by lap 4 and 2nd by lap 5.

From then on it was a duel with John Morris again but it was nice and clean with Martin always holding a small gap over the Peugeot. Likewise Jeff Davies was also on the rise, but he came to rest in 5th place after fighting his way past Andy Williams, who is always a formidable opponent and the warring Clios who were once again the centre of attraction with Lea & Nick never far apart. Once past, he found Geraint Rees just a little to far ahead in 4rd place, to be able mount a sustained challenge. Lea Wood won the battle of the Clios again, but Nick set the fastest lap. Paul Trowbridge & Andy Meyrick again had lonely races, but Russell & Glynne had a race long duel for 11th & 12 places with each driver having a few laps in the lead, but with Russell winning out in the end to take 11th with Glynne 12th. So another dominant win from Michael - could he make it 3 in a row? We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Many thanks to Steve Williams & Chris Morris for their excellent photos

Results from TSL Timing


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