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In the lunchbreak on Sunday 19th April  all the teams & marshalls gather around as WRDA Chairman Mike Woods presented an unsuspecting Alvin Powell with a special Lifetime Achievement Award as circuit manager Phil Davies looked on. In his citation Ken Rattenbury confirmed "This award was discussed & agreed in October 2008 and would have been presented at the Award Night, but Alvin decided to go to the Rio Carnival instead. It can’t have been better than the Awards Night! Alvin Powell is one of the founder members of the WRDA but his racing career extends beyond the formation date of the WRDA, actually he was the winner in the chariot race featured in Ben Hur, but they changed it to make Charlton Heston look good! We first saw him with his Mustang Bearcat, then his MARCH F1 Car, a Ford Sierra and now most notably his Mondeos. His other car is a Mondeo! However more importantly to us in the Welsh Racing Drivers Association, he has been a member with us through thick & thin. More importantly he always been a member who has stood up to be counted when push came to shove! Actually I think those people who know, would agree that, if it wasn’t for Alvin we would not be where we are today."


Alvin talks about his awardSee full size image

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