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2009 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship August 29/30th - Rounds 14 & 15

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Nick & Paul - one win each

Sunday Round 2 -Entry & Grid

We had some new drivers for Sundays races: Dominic Petit and James Haynes joined us from the Ginetta championship, but we lost Chris Everill after his oil pump failed in early practice. Kareem was also out after finding the differential on his Rover Gti had meet it’s doom, but some hard work by Muzz Racing, Kareem made it out for round 3. However Glynne rejoined us and Geraint Rees was also a welcome starter making it 9 starters. With Chris Everill missing, Nick Jones was effectively on pole. Neil Watts was on row 2 with Russell Haggerty. On row 3 it was Paul Trowbridges’ Ginetta & Chris ‘Iggy Pop" Morris. On row 4 Kareem was missing, meaning Glynne Jones should have been on his own, but Geraint Rees took the vacant spot, later earning himself a 10 second penalty, meaning a back row spot for race 3. However Glynne could not get the Alfa to start, and decided to start from the pit-lane, so that didn’t help Geraint find his correct starting position. Dominic Petit and James Haynes were on the final row.

The race -15 mins + 1 lap

After overnight rain, Sunday dawned dull & drizzly, so as the track conditions had changed, everyone (except Glynne) had 2 warm up laps. At the start Nick got the Renault off the line the best, and was never headed, although Paul always had him in sight. Afterward Paul regretted his poor start "I had too much wheelspin, I couldn’t get it hooked up" Behind them Dominic Pettit made a superb start and was 3rd ahead of Neil Watts, with Russell, Chris Morris and a rising Geraint Rees next up. James Haynes & Glynne completed the runners. At one stage, as the cars splashed through the puddles, it looked as if Dominic might join Nick & Paul to make it a 3 car battle. However as Geraint, James Haynes & Glynne began to rise, Dominic began to slow and pulled off at Hatchets on lap 6. James Haynes was 3rd after Geraint’s 10 second penalty was applied, but there was some excellent dices between Neil Watts & Glynne Jones and Russell & Chris Morris. Glynne was really flying "I had few big slides, it was raining at Honda but drying on the other side!" and got past Neil going in to the final stages. However Neil responded and repassed Glynne to win by 2/10ths of a second! Chris Morris was 6th after running side by side with Russell & the Striker for 3 laps before getting past and drawing away. Russell later revealed that his throttle had stuck open, which made progress difficult. So with Glynne winning Class A & Chris Morris 2nd in class, Nick Jones had moved past Russell on adjusted scores.

Sunday Round 3 -Entry & Grid

The rain seemed to have eased off a little by the time the grid assembled, but the track was still soaking wet. This time we were joined by Glynne’s mate Ray Hanson, (his other car is a Ferrari) who was sharing Glynne’s Alfa. It was to be a soggy baptism of fire, with Ray having his first drive in the car and his first race at Pembrey. Kareem was back with his gearbox fixed. Nick was on pole with Paul next. James Haynes & Neil Watts were on row 2. Glynne would have been on row 3 with Chris Morris. Russell was on row 4 with Geraint Rees with Dominic Pettit last on row 5. However as the grid went for the warm up the rain started again with a brief shower.

The race – 15 minutes + 1 lap

When the lights changed Paul got the revs right, and was into the lead, from Nick. James Haynes was 3rd from Neil Watts. Dominic Peters was already slicing through the pack with Geraint in tow. Russell had Chris Morris & Kareem in close company. Ray was taking it easy, getting used to the conditions.

At the front Nick was pressing Paul hard. This was a real fight for the lead with both drivers trying as hard as they could in the dice of the day. However Paul in the open Ginetta, was revelling in the wpe24.jpg (80045 bytes)rain, and as a heavy rain shower swept the track Paul made a break. Nick in the Clio tin-top, was unable to respond "I just couldn’t see out of the windscreen, it was misted up." Paul was able to draw away to win his first race by almost 30 seconds, just as the rain stopped. Behind them Dominic Pettit was 3rd but started to slow to let the James Haynes, Geraint Rees & Neil Watts battle catch up. It was a bit see-saw from then on, until Dominic re-asserted himself. Geraint finished 4th with Neil 5th after a big spin and a grassy moment at Debeni. Later on James stopped, letting Russell into 6th. Chris Morris and Kareem were giving Russell some close company, until Kareem dropped back after a spin at the paddock turn but recovered late on to score the Class A fastest lap, and super result for only his second race.

Kareem - Driver of the Race

Up at the front a delight Paul took the chequered flag. Nick was 2nd overall and 2nd in class, so the points position between him and Russell has tightened up again and the title will be decided in the final rounds in October, in another knife edge championship decider. Dominic Pettit was 3rd.

The Driver of the Race and Best Guest were decided by the holy trinity of Vince Brown, Phil Davies and Alan Jenkins (as empowered by the championship regs). Not surprisingly James Haynes and Dominic Pettit were awarded Best Guests and both were well pleased. With some persuasion they could be tempted back. Driver of the Race was Glynne for Round 14 and Kareem " Dr Doom" for Round 15. Not only Kareem keep up the Class A pace, till a spin a few laps from the end, but also set Fastest time in Class A some feat against Russ " Schumacher" Haggerty.

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Happy Days -At the front Paul stroked his way to his first ever outright win.

 loudspeaker.jpg (870 bytes) Paul Trowbridge talks about his win

Photo Gallery (thanks to Steve for his camera work)

Results http://www.tsl-timing.com

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