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GRAND GALA 2008 AWARDS NIGHT-Feburary 21st 2009 Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff

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Rhys Lloyd picks up the WRDA Champions Trophy from Guest of Honour Rodger Tello to go with his Class Winners Trophy, and later also received the Welsh Young Driver of the Year Award from WRDA Chairman Mike Woods. In his acceptance speech Rhys paid tribute to his family & team and said he was pleased to add his name to the other great drivers who have also won the  Welsh Championship.

Ken & Jackie, or should it be Jackie & Ken, deserve our thanks for yet again arranging a fabulous night out. The food and service was great, the rooms were fab and it was a great deal. Also thanks for Janice and Sonia for arranging the awards and Mike for sorting out the screens and display boards and for everyone else who helped out. Please tell those who didn't come what a fantastic night they all missed, so please rub it in all season. So again another great night and thanks to all who contributed to the raffle and auction and a big thanks to all of you who came to support the night.

Class Awards- Novice of the Year - Newcomer of the Year - Chwarae Teg Award-Fun Awards below

Class A

Adrian Chapman.jpg (42040 bytes)Russell Haggerty Chwarae Teg Award.jpg (33792 bytes)Steve Humprhies couldn't be with us but Adrian Chapman took a hard won 2nd place award and Russell Haggerty took 3rd to go with his Chwarae Teg Award.




Class BMark Nicholson.jpg (52893 bytes) Jason Davies Novice Award winner.jpg (32636 bytes)

Mark Nicholson picked up a hard won Class B trophy & Jason Davies also picked up 2nd place to go with his Novice of the Year. Geraint Rees was 3rd but was also unable to be with us



Class C:

wpe270.jpg (83709 bytes) Andy Williams.jpg (47977 bytes) Mike Wright.jpg (37506 bytes)

Rhys Lloyd picks up the Class C Trophy; Andy Williams takes the 2nd place award  & Mike Wright was 3rd

Class D: wpe284.jpg (43133 bytes) wpe272.jpg (18739 bytes) Alvin Powell couldn't be with us as he had already arranged a trip to the Rio Carnival. Keith Butcher was 2nd & Nigel Bowen was 3rd & also picked up a fun award of  a Breakdown truck for most breakdowns and not being able to start the car every meeting.




wpe283.jpg (41246 bytes)Newcomer of the Year. Chris Morris has been a very welcome newcomer this year with his unique Sukuzi Ignis and has supported the Pembrey rounds of the championship..





Jason Davies Novice Award winner.jpg (32636 bytes)Novice of the Year Jason Davies was presented with the trophy by Rodger Tello, who said "I understand there were a lot of talented drivers in contention, but Jason was a very popular choice. If he continues the sort of progess he showed last year, he could really mature into a top saloon car driver, and I know the Championship was pleased to be able to acknowledge his achivements." Jason may do some rallies in 2009 but said "I will also do more races. I really enjoyed myself last year"



The Chwarae Teg Award is a new award, inaugurated to honour the spirit of the championship, where drivers fight hard on the track but help each other, when help is needed to help keep people racing. For the first time, to mark the remarkable spirit of the 2008 championship, Chwarae Teg Awards were given to Martin Davies, Russell Haggerty, and the crew of the Muzz Racing team.

wpe24.jpg (38636 bytes)Jasons father Martin, who is the only driver to have won the Welsh Championship 3 times, was one of three winners of the new Chwarae Teg award for his sporting spirit in helping other drivers who needed help, even those directly competing against his son Jason. He said "I was pleased and suprised to get the award, but I know Jason wants to be able to compete for points & wins out on the track where it counts, and not pick up points & places because someone has had some bad luck."



Russell Haggerty Chwarae Teg Award.jpg (33792 bytes)

Russell Haggerty was given a Chwarae Teg award  for being a newcomer who joined in spirit of championship,with very good on track manners,
also helping people out, and  racing with broken wrist to keep the numbers up. He offered Adrian Chapman his car for last 2 rounds so that Adrian could win the class and he would then have been 4th




Muzz Racing Chwarae Teg Award.jpg (226609 bytes)Muzz Racing were also given a Chwarae Teg award for helping any one who had major problems during the season notably Marc Nicholson and Wayne Gardner a mate of Chris Morris) whose car failed scrutineering because the roll cage was not fitted correctly. Muzz sorted it so he could race the weekend plus many other examples. (Looks like the pub landlord joined in too)

Fun Awards

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Ken Rattenbury- was presented with Certificate of competence as a Crash Test Dummy

Rhodri Jenkins.jpg (51522 bytes)

Rhodri Jenkins - was given a First aid kit and ambulance for breaking his wrist so he couldn't race

Nigel Bowen.jpg (61225 bytes)

Nigel Bowen  was given a Breakdown truck for most breakdowns and not being able to start the car
every meeting. Looks like Alan is going to fall over laughing

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