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Awards Pembrey Saturday 17th October

Lots of fun at the awards in front of the new race centre-Rhodri does his best David Frost impersonation with his clip board. 'Hello & Welcome-What did you say your name was?'

Kens small one.jpg (244684 bytes)As he hands out Kens first award, in the background Mike asks Alvin 'What did he say?' Alvin 'He said Kens got a small one'   Mike replies 'Yes That's want I heard'





Mike & Adrian then look shocked as Kens' get larger

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Geraint hams it up as ever

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Mike & Adrain get their awards tooMike Class D winner.jpg (130361 bytes)Adrians award.jpg (153495 bytes)








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Chris Morris gets his Class A award

Rhodri then introduces some efficency- Come on Nick, move along (Thinks-I must get one of those awards back off Ken, I'm sure he's got yours)

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Thanks to Steve Williams for his excellent photos

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