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Mallory Musings

Anthony Allit tells us how his weekend went

Hi All ,

Just wanted tell my side of the story in Mallory , firstly it was nice to be back after a seasons absence. Qualifying went ok for me, lacking in grip, so my times were probably a second and a bit from where they should be,but no complaints really .

In Race 1 had a reasonable start, Russ came flying past and finished pretty much on my own in same position , towards the end of the race I had absolutely no grip to the front. On inspection in the paddock after the race both my front slicks had wire coming through quite badly and I think I was probably one lap away from not finishing! The slicks I was using were the same slicks I finished the season with in 2008 and they were 20 second hand then !!

For Race 2 I put on my control tyres from Silverstone tyres and what a difference! From lap one as Alan commented, the car was on the pace, however in the holding bay my sidekick ( Nick my son who is in charge of these things ) noticed we only had a quarter of a tank of fuel ( so I’ve docked his pocket money. My car uses just under a half a tank to complete a 20 minute race ! So I think it would have been more interesting from about 5/6 laps in, had I not kept running out of fuel on the exit of Gerards , it was only for 2/3 seconds on the exit but it stopped my charge and had to back off to make sure I finished the race . Just wanted to say thanks to all , I had a good weekend , unfortunately due to the costs of entries and tyres I wont be back this season. It is interesting to note though that my control tyres are equal in speed to the slick shod cars , they are less expensive and more durable than slicks and don’t need any major set up changes. Cars of more than 500bhp have been using them so there is no reason why all cars in the Welsh Championship couldn’t use them and I’m sure Silverstone tyres are happy to service the championship on race weekends , just a thought anyhow as the recession is biting us all hard

Best to you all

Anthony Allitt

Sweet Dreams Beds, Skewen,

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