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Mallory musings 2 - Adrian Champan writes

Hi, Don't know about Anthony's tyre only just lasting the race. Vince pointed out the noise I was making on the last lap, last race, and when I got home I discovered the teeth on my Crown Wheel & Pinion were little more than wafer thin- I doubt they would have made it for one more lap! Comes of catching Mike by 15/20 yards on Gerrards each lap and losing him on the straights I guess.

Three questions:-

1)Why does Anthony pay so much for his secondhand slicks? Mine have always been 15 a throw and have still lasted a season each time. Thats why racing gets expensive if you will insist on driving fast!

2) Can Anthony tell me the Silverstone control tyre please? I have got a set of Yoko AO32's but feel more confident of the grip from my old slicks- even after they have suffered hundreds of heat cycles and,

3) Can anyone suggest a really good 13 or 14 inch road tyre I could use in the rain. I aquaplane every where on what I am using now which does not help when I am already scared "s..tless" anyway!!-

Really enjoyed Mallory and am looking forward to Pembrey. We were hoping to see some   RGB guests and Colin and Bob have entered as far as I know-Best wishes to all


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