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Race 3 – 15 minutes plus 1 lap- Rolling Start

Roll the cameras - Action!

The Motors TV cameras were at Pembrey as part of the Dunlop Great & British Festival, and with the cameras rolling it was hoped that we could have another race like the mornings efforts, to entertain the audience. Certainly it looked that way initially as Dominic lead from a closely following Alvin, Rhys & Dave Krayem. For the first few laps all 4 of them were covered by the proverbial blanket. However unfortunately it all ended in a spectacular fashion at Hatchets, Dave tried to pass Rhys on the inside, but the 2 cars tangled, the Ginettas bonnet flew up and with unstoppable motion Dave’s’ car speared past Rhys’ Seat and collected the unfortunate Alvin. All 3 cars were out on the spot and the red flags came out to allow the marshals team to recover the broken cars. Fortunately everyone was ok.

The re-start 8 laps

Dominic was fortunate to have already exited Hatchets before the accident and so he was on pole for the restart. Having lost his main opposition Dom had a clear run to the flag. Geraint Rees was able to power up into 2nd . Russell was 3rd and Neil 4th. Andy was 5th ,having got going again after an off in the original race had left him fishing for reverse. Nick Jones was 6th, Mike Woods was 7th & Ben Scrivens was 8th. In 9th place was Roger Dowden. Kareem was 10th after winning Class A, by diving past Chris Morris under braking into Hatchets, which was the manouvre of the race. Chris Evans was 12th with Phil Bendal the last finisher. Ken Rattenbury and John O’Shea added to Alvin, Rhys & Dave to make up the non finishers. John having coated the track with oil after a major blow up. So the last race of the triple header was a bit of an anti-climax but there was some mega racing over the weekend so let hope we can keep the standard up for the rest of the year.


Times from http://www.tsl-timing.com/

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