2011 WRDA News

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Dom Wins the championship - Dave Krayem & Nick Jones share the final wins of 2011 as championship looks to bouce back in 2012

After a week in which the weather went from a somewhat un-seasonal patch of blazing sunshine to howling gales, the weather at Pembrey on Saturday was drier than forecast and on Sunday there was only light drizzle. With Dom Evans having already secured the championship, and sold his car, it was left to Dave Krayem, Keith Butcher in their Ginettas & Nick Jones. Andrew (The Admirable) Crighton had brought the Advent Motorsports Proton all the way from Thetford, as Nicks' Clio was still out of action. Dave & co were treating it as a test session, Dave said "I like Pembrey, it's a track with every kind of corner and you can develop your car and yourself here. I started doing 63 second laps with the Ginetta and by working on the handling and getting to know the car, I am now over 3 seconds faster" Keith had lots of problems with his car, and after failing to finish race 1, Dave Krayem and his crew showed the spirit of the championship is alive by helping Keith fit a new Clutch overnight. Nick was happy to be racing after a long time out of action

Dave won race one & graciously took a trip through the pits to avoid lapping Nick.

In race 2 Dave did another drive through, and this time Nick was able to win the race.

Dave, Keith & Nick deserve our heartfelt thanks for at least giving it a go, but with Keiths car still having problems, the drivers approached the organisers and the last race was cancelled.

However the drivers, the WRDA organising committee and the circuit management are all detemined to work hard over the close season to raise the profile of the Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship so that it can bounce back in 2012.

There will be more details in the next few days of a special meeting, to help re-engergise the Championship. 

We need everyone to pull together to get their cars on the grid in 2012, as we need to have 15 cars on the grid for the first race in 2012. After all it is only 3 short years ago, in 2008. that we had well over 20 cars as an average.





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