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2011 News

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 Sunday race 2 (round 8)- 15 minutes + 1 lapwpe4.jpg (100523 bytes)

 Round 8 - Dom makes it 8 in a row-Neil chases but in vain

Sadly the gird was depleted after Dave Krayem crashed out of the Euro series race, seriously damaging the front end of the car and Russell left early with his car on the trailer, so Dom only had new Class D competitor, Neil Watts to chase him. Neil did his best but without anyone to play with it was a lonely race for both drivers, but Dom has now started 8 races and won 8. Neil Trainer was briefly as high as 3rd, but then dropped right back with no turbo pressure. A quick check under the bonnet showed that the turbo actuation rod had broken. Even so & having played his joker, Neil soldiered on for a max points score to put him up to 3rd in the points standings and within sight of 2nd place. Jann was the man on the move, and after getting a better start than Bryan, proceeded to power on to 3rd place and kept on the lead lap throughout, a really impressive performance in only his second full race! From Virtual to real racing, lets hope it inspires more new talent to get on on the track too!  Bryan Heitkotter was 4th with Mike Woods, who started from the back, 5th.  Neil Trainer was 6th. This time the action came at the back with John O’Shea beating Andy Townsend for the first time all weekend, and deservedly got the Driver of the Race award.

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Bryan Heitkotter- 3 races - 3 signatures

There was a lot of useful discussions in the paddock, about how the club can better promote itself & the championship and a lot of ideas on how to boost numbers and hopefully a meeting can be arranged fairly shortly so that we can take some of these ideas forward & make some early plans for the end of this year & the new season next year.

Andy Williams - an update - Andy, who was taken ill at Pembrey on Saturday,  is now in the Heath Hospital, Cardiff and has been diagnosed with some blocked arteries, so will need a double heart bypass, which is scheduled for 2 weeks time. I have passed on our regards, and told him not to worry, I had a triple by-pass in 2007 and could get a racing license, if I could afford to go racing again.


Report & photos Rob Allender

Points after 8 rounds

Times from http://www.tsl-timing.com/  

Points after 8 rounds

Times from http://www.tsl-timing.com/  


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