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News of  WRDA members who are competing in the International & Single Seater arena.

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Andy picks up his WRDA award for his magnificent 2010  Le Mans result

wpe34.jpg (27303 bytes)Last weekend Andy Meyrick was given the special WRDA award, an engraved clock given to mark his achievement in finishing 4th at Le Mans, the best International result by a Welsh driver for over 30 years. Andy was bowled over by the award. "It's lovely, please give my thanks to all the WRDA members, I'm sorry I couldn't pick it up at the time, but we were testing. It looks a bit like to trophies they give at Le Mans with the Gold Columns. It's really special, I'll keep it in my office"

Andy went on to chat about linking up with Aston Martin, "We have been talking with them for a long time, but now it's come to fruition. I have to do what they say, but it does have its perks, including a company car,  this time it's a V8 Vantage! Finishing 4th at Le Mans was a highlight but I hope do even better with the new car. It's special as it is the first all Aston Martin car in modern times. It looks great, and it is in the Gulf Colours, so it's even nicer!"

(Photo & article by Rob Allender)

Aston Martin Racing


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