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Anthony “Winston” Watts – 20 years life saving experience – An inspiration to everyone.

“Always Remembered”

At the April race meeting at Pembrey, the first of 2011, a tribute in the form of a minute’s silence before racing was paid to one of the absolute stalwarts of Pembrey, Anthony “Winston” Watts, paramedic at Pembrey from 1991 to 2011, who sadly passed away in March.

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Winston was known by all as a truly brilliant paramedic, and there are a number of people alive today who literally owe their lives to his quick thinking and mastery of exactly what to do in a medical crisis. We as drivers always joked that we only wanted to see him at the end of race days!

Winston was a fascinating person to talk to, and had many stories covering many decades, all of which were enchanting. He was one of life’s true gentleman. He will be sorely missed.


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