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Bad luck ruins Lloyds Macau Grand Prix

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Hywel (car 30) is in the hunt at the SJM Macau Grand Prix (photo CGS) wpeF.jpg (12948 bytes)

WRDA member Hywel Lloyd from Corwen suffered another bout of bad luck at the final Formula 3 race of the season, the prestigious SJM Macau Grand Prix.

Hywel was handily placed after the qualifying race, and made early inroads into the top-ten in the Grand Prix itself. Hywels dad Harry, takes up the story. "Hywel was running in the 8th place, (the best of the 4 British drivers) and looked likely to overtake the next man or two, when on the penultimate lap Kevin Magnussen crashed right in front of him. It was a big one and Hywel had to lift off to avoid it. Unfortunately the cars behind him weren't able to stop in time and ran into the back of Hywels car, which put him out. It was annoying as he would have got a nice trophy and 5,000 dollars prize money too, for 6th place!".

However in the confusion Hywels' team-mate Adderley Fong was able to move through to take an excellent 10th place, the first Chinese racer. The race was won by the previously unheralded Spanish driver Daniel Juncadella with Feilpe Nasr 2nd and German driver Marco Wittmann 3rd. Hywel & his dad are currently working on plans for 2012.

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Hywel gets collected after Magnussens' big shunt



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