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News of young WRDA members who are competing in the International & Single Seater arena.

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Mardenborough graduates via Welsh Championship to Dubai 24hr

Jann Mardenborough, from Ely in Cardiff, who was the 2011 Nissan Playstation Gran Turismo Academy winner, and raced with us in the Welsh Championship on his way to upgrade his license, is set for the Dubai 24 hrs race.

See  Pembrey 2nd 3rd July Race 1+ Race 2  & race reports Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September at Pembrey for report & photos

Jann has recently been featured on BBC Wales, Cardiff computer gamer set to drive in Dubai 24-hour race and on Ceefax as part of the build up. Jann has been on Eurosport as well, featuring our races at Pembrey, which was good exposure for the Welsh Championship. Lets hope some other gamers will follow Janns' lead and get out on the track in the Welsh Championship.

You can follow him on twitter if you want vai twitter.com/Jannthaman

The Dubai 24 hours race takes place on 12th to 14th January 2012. Websites are http://www.24hdubai.com/ http://live.24hseries.com/

He will be joined by Lucas Ordonez who also raced with us on his way up and is now a professional race drive in his own right, and has had a string of high profile results to his name.