2011 WRDA News

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Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship 2012


 We have some fantastic news for the 2012 WSSCC. Please read the following – we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

 You, the competitors, told us that in order for you to commit to the Championship in 2012, you needed to see:-

1.     Reduced Cost. Read below to see how we have a NEW, UNIQUE REBATE SYSTEM based on the number of cars entered each meeting!

 Other things you wanted were:-

 2.       1 x Qualifying and 2 races per meeting, all in a single day

 3.        More classes to ensure an equal chance of winning, including new classes for cars using Treaded Tryes (MSA List 1A)

 4.        Bigger grids  

 Here’s what we’ve done to ensure we can offer ALL of the above:

 REDUCED COST OF ENTRY - Entry per meeting will be 300. This will be for 1 qualifying session, and 2 races, all on one day! We’ve had confirmation that for the BARC Pembrey meetings on the weekends of 30th March, 4th August and 13th October (note dates MAY change) we have been offered this! We are looking to get an away round on the same terms. This will be firmed up as national schedules firm up.


 The 300 entry is based on 12 cars entered. For every car over 12 that enters the BARC Pembrey rounds (and hopefully the away round too), EACH driver will qualify for a rebate, which will be PAID BACK TO YOU, at the end of the season, of the following amounts:-   

Number of Cars entered per
 Pembrey mtg Credit


13     15.00
14     35.00
15     50.00
16     65.00
17     80.00
18     90.00
19   100.00
20   110.00
21   120.00
22   130.00
23   140.00
24   145.00

25 +


  So, as an example, let’s say 18 cars enter each of the 3 BARC Pembrey weekends. In that case, at the end of the season each driver that has entered all 3 rounds will be eligible for a rebate of 3 x 90 = 270!! That would effectively make the entry per weekend 300 - 90 = 210. That has got to be the best value in British Motorsport. It also means that EVERY EXTRA DRIVER YOU ATTRACT to the WSSCC brings DOWN the cost to YOU of racing! If we get 25 cars on the grid, the cost is effectively just 300 - 150 = 150. TO ME, THAT’S UNBELIEVABLE VALUE!!  

 Also there is no registration fee for 2012 so a saving of 75. The news gets better all the time. So that's another 75 you don't have to find for your first entry fee. However you must fill in the registration form and car technical spec form and return to me.

 SO WHAT’S THE DOWNSIDE??  There is no real downside, apart from this:- At least 12 entries HAVE to be in, and PAID IN FULL to the WRDA/WSSCC, at least about four  weeks before the first race meeting; so that we are SURE we have at least 12 cars entered, so that we can buy the grid. If this does not happen for each meeting, THERE WILL BE NO WSSCC RACES. In that case, those that have entered would be refunded their money, but the Championship would essentially be over. BUT LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! You will know in advance that the WSSCC races are going ahead, and that there will be AT LEAST 12 cars competing!  

 CLASSES - As you can see on the website (www.wrda.co.uk) we have loads more classes for 2012, including new classes for Treaded Tryes, to give you exactly what you’ve been asking for.

 BIGGER GRIDS - As you’ve seen above, ALL of you have an individual incentive to make sure the grids are bigger, as it brings DOWN the cost for you!

 RACE FORMAT - One day format to cut overnight costs.

 IN SUMMARY - More news and the fine details will follow, but this is the best news the Championship has had in years. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who will be interested.

Let us know what you think, and PARTICULARLY let us, and your fellow competitors, know that YOU ARE COMMITTING TO THE WSSCC for 2012!

 This paves the way for big things for the WSSCC so PLEASE PLEASE, can you all let me know your thoughts about these fantastic changes we have made for your benefit.

 THANKS, and look forward to seeing you out there in 2012 in the WSSCC!!

  Wth these new opportunities for 2012 I have more bubbles than 100 cases of Moet.

Hope you all off you are the same and with super low entry fees  perhaps we can crack a few bottles at the end of the year as a thanks to each and every one of you who I hope will make the WSSCC the place to be.

Cheers & Best Regards, Alan Jenkins, Championship Co-ordinator