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Pembrey Presentation Pics - photos by Steve Williams

Alvin Powell WRDA Chairman hands the awards to the Class winners in Alphabetic Order

Mike Edgell AS double winner.jpg (22193 bytes)    Chris Morris AT double winner.jpg (39833 bytes)     Mike Wood BS double winner.jpg (37206 bytes)

Mike Edgell - Double winner Class AS   -    Chris Morris - Double winner Class AT   -     Mike Woods - Double winner Class BS

Ben Scrivens BT winner Rd 2.jpg (39898 bytes)    Phil Bendall BT winner Rd 1.jpg (50703 bytes)   Martin Davies Double CS winner.jpg (42763 bytes)   

Ben Scriven - winner Class BT race 2  -  Phil Bendall winner Class BT -Race 1 - Martin Davies - Double winner Class CS

Patrick Havill Double D + Rs 2 winner.jpg (39251 bytes)    Micheal takes his Class winners & 2nd place award.jpg (36428 bytes)   Glynne gets Driver of the Day.jpg (49752 bytes)

Patrick Havill award - Double winner Class D  - Michael Cond Double Winner Class M - Glynne gets Driver of the Race for Race 2

           (Alan keeps an eye on Alvin as he gives Patrick his award)

There were enough entries in some Classes for 2nd place awards

Giles Beck 2nd BT Rd1 .jpg (39545 bytes)    

Giles Beck 2nd in Class BT              Keith White 2nd in Class D Rd2                              Chris Evans 2nd Class As

A Special Ladies Award was made to mark the first occasion that 2 ladies had competed at the the same race - Alvin & Rhodri share the occassion with Verity & Mellisa

wpe1A8.jpg (22244 bytes)

Hum yes. Dont know who is enjoying it more; Verity & Mellisa or Alvin & Rhodri!

Photos by Steve Williams