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A Message from Alan  and some nice feedback from the Marshals & Drivers Chris Evans & Huw Morgan

 Hi Alan, Didn't manage to see you after it all finished yesterday.

Many congratulations on making the seemingly impossible happen.  I know just how much time and effort you have put in to make this happen.

 I was talking to Sonny Howard (Pickups) in Marshals sign on about your championship, he was very impressed with the numbers you've managed to get. I can see it catching on with other championships.

 Please will you pass on to all the drivers and teams, mine, and ALL my Marshals thanks for providing excellent qualifying/racing all day.  It was nice to see an appreciative wave from ALL the drivers to the Marshals at the end of the races.  I wish all Championships drivers did this, its all we ask for.  We await with eager anticipation your return to Pembrey.

Best regards,  Ernie Preece Chief Marshal Pembrey Circuit.

Hi Alan,  Chris, myself and my family would like to say a big thank you to YOU. Without YOU this Championship would have died, and with your passion and pride you have saved it from a certain death. We had a lovely weekend at Pembrey, lovely and relaxing. A big thank you must also go to the Pembrey team, the marshals, scrutiniser’s and general staff, it was a great weekend. A big thank you must also go to the drivers of the WSSCC, no arguments and some fantastic racing in all classes. So many thanks for all your help and long may it continue. We look forward to the June meeting at Pembrey and also the WSSCC meeting in August. Many Thanks again for your time and efforts. WELL DONE ALAN.

Kind Regards Paul Evans

Hi Alan, Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone at WRDA and all competitors for making my first ever race a fantastic experience. With no race experience and only a couple of test sessions in the car my goal was to complete the day in one piece. I achieved this and far more than expected learning a great deal from everyone present. A special thanks to Alan for getting this journey started, Tony Banks for the advice and guidance and to Verity for some really close racing. Kindest Regards to all, Huw Morgan

 Hi Guys and Gals,  Just had to pass these on to you all. I still go out on  the bank marshaling when I can and that wave from the drivers at the end means so much. So big thanks guys and keep it up. We may have to have a " moody git " award for those who don't in the future. As you all know without the marshals we cant go racing. I know many of you do get on with them all after all we,  the marshals, circuit staff and the officials are just one big happy Pembrey family and long may that be.

 The mention of Sunny Howard is interesting as he was track side on our grid walk about watching what we were doing. Put money on Pickups doing it in October.  But the WSSCC  started the idea.

 The future is fantastic and what club motorsport is all about. Big thank you guys for supporting the WSSCC. I did have a phone call from Bernie asking if the 2013 Grand Prix can be a support race to the WSSCC.

Cheers Alan

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