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 The WSSCC Marque Cup.

If we get 4 or more cars of the same make / model / type, then the regulations allow for them to compete for their own mini championship within the framework of the main Championship. The winner getting an award at the end of the season.

(All end of season WSSCC awards are monogrammed with your personnel details, not every championship does that).

So WHY NOT talk to other competitors and form your own bespoke mini championship within the WSSCC?  With our low entry fees and 3 meeting format it has to be very affordable and easily added in to your other racing commitments. It will also make a good race day EVEN more fun.  That is what club motorsport is all about or should be. So get talking today, tell us what you want.

For more details contact Alan Jenkins Championship Co-ordinator.


Tel 07753 617087


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Join our Sponsors & advertisers-contact wrda@ntlworld.com