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The 1994/95/96 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

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 1994/'95 & '96 Martin Davies Ford Seirra Sapphire turbo.

Martin started the 1994 season with the car in Production trim with road tyres, but he only really found his feet after switching to slicks. From then on in 1994 Martin was practically unbeatable , although Colin Gundersen ran him close.

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In 1995 it was the same again, although Peter Dark was the main challenger Martin wrapped up his 2nd title. Granville Williams was 3rd overall .

In 1996 in a classic season with races and places decided by the narrowest margins Martin faced some stiff opposition from Mike Schmidt in his 4wd Ford Seirra Sapphire, and the Class D Darrian of series debutante Terry Brown. However whilst Terry was to take several race victories he was hampered by the lack of cars in his class, and therefore all the big points were shared between Davies and Schmidt. Going into the final races of the championship Davies held a slender lead from Schmidt and Brown. In a double header shoot out, Schmidt won the first race, but more importantly Brown spun off at Hatchets on the first lap in a bid for the lead.

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Ken Thompson and the works Darrian was on pole position and had made a good start and Brown may have wanted to get ahead of him at the earliest opportunity. Ironically Thompson only lasted two laps before his engine suffered the most explosive blow up ever seen at Pembrey, leaving Schmidt unchallenged, but Brown a long way back. Afterwards Schmidt declared he was looking to the taking the fight to Martin in the second race of the day, but this time Schmidt was the one to suffer as his front suspension snapped on the exit to Hatchets and he hit the barrier. In the meantime Terry had established himself in the lead, whilst Martin was involved in a big fight for the vital points he needed. In the end though Martin moved smoothly in the 2nd place he needed and tied up a superb hat trick of championship wins.

Davies v Butcher.jpg (9482 bytes)

Martin Davies - Classic!

At the same time battles for Class C the 1600 cc class and Class B for Production cars also went to wire in the final race of the day.

In Class C Larry Phillips (whose company P&P was sponsoring the series) and Nigel Jones Honda CRX were at it hammer and tongs. Jones made a break late on and looked to have taken the Class C title only for Nick Kern also in a Honda CRX, to pinch the vital point for fastest lap on lap 8. Ironically Nick then crashed out on the very next lap! Jones crossed the line punching the air, thinking he had won but he was biting his nails soon after, as it was revealed that the scores had tied! Jones was eventually declared the winner after a count back of Class wins throughout the season.

In Class B Nigel Bowen triumphed by coming through the field in both races following practice dramas. In all it was a special year for the championship and it started a run of fantastically close and exciting championship finales.