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Give our member sites a visit

http://www.sebmorris.com Top Young Welsh Racer + 2011 WRDA Welsh Young Driver of the Year

 http://www.andymeyrick.com/ another driver carrying the Welsh Dragon forward

www.nickjonesracing.net follow Nick in the WSSCC

www.gibbsmotorsport.co.uk website for Paul & Dominic Edgell and his exploits in the Welsh Championship

www.alexjonesracing.com. chart Alex's progress

http://www.hywellloyd.com/ follow Hywel vai his new site

www.mcrracecars.co.uk  Clive Hayes sports-racing cars Buy - Build - arrive n drive  www.Thousandislandsexpeditions.co.uk   Whale & Dolpin watching trips

www.breconmotors.co.uk  Wales MG Specialist Centre - Quality Used Cars - ask for Jonathan

www.pmtmotorsport.co.uk Paul Trowbridge PMT Motorsport