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2003 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship Gallery

The Drivers

The Cars

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Clive Hayes 2000 Champion 

Clive Hayes Class C - Radical Prosport

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Terry Brown  2001 & 2002 Champion

Terry Brown Class A - Radical Prosport

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Jamie Lovell

Jamie Lovell - Radical Clubsport

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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - Radical Prosport

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Richard Rhozon

Richard Rhozon - Radical Clubsport

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Dave Krayem with Rufus McGeary

Dave Krayem - Class A Royale Chevvy/ Stealth B6

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Peter Williams

Peter Williams - Radical Prosport

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Rhys Lloyd

  Rhys Lloyd- Honda Civic VTi

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Cindy Pearce

Cindy Pearce - Global Light

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Marcus Bicknell

Marcus Bicknell - Mallock U2

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Rhodri Jenkins - Honda Civic R

Mike Edgell - Mini Miglia

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Anthony Allitt

Mike Bevington - Honda Accord

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Lee David - VW Golf GTi

Peter Salter - Rover 216 GTi

Disclaimer. The photograhs included in this section are designed to convey an idea of some of the personalities and cars in the Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship. All photographs on this page are copyright of the Welsh Racing Drivers Association.