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last update 27/03/2014


1990 Welsh Championship Results

As it was not yet an MSA registered Championship, the club tested the likely support with a qualifing race and a single race shoot out.

The results of the scratch race have been lost but Blake Edwards was declared the first WRDA Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Champion.

However the results of a Handicap race on the same day survives and shows how the support was building up.

(N.b In the early years we were often combined with other races)


   1990 Welsh Champ Qualifing Race 8th July.PDF

  1990 Welsh Championship Handicap Race 30th Sept.PDF

  18th Mar 1990 Programme for Barc Pembrey races with Club Racing legends Tony Llanfranchi & Barrie Williams having their first races at Pembrey

   Other items 1990 New Club Rules as per MSA .PDF

  Press cuttings

   14th March 1990 Carmarthen Journal report re Pembrey- headlines  1990 Carmarthen Journal report re Pembrey plans

   1990 Carmarthen Journal report re Welsh racers & marshalls  + Carmarthen Journal headlines


1990 Single Seater Races

The big event of the year was the Single Seater races & the Team Challenge on the Midland Auto Clubs 16th September meeting at Pembrey.

With a big grid on ex FI/F2?F5000 cars on show, and with enough cars for races,  BBC Wales News reporter Bob Humphries attended and a pre-event  peice was shown on TV which boosted the crowd, so that MAC received some gate money! A race report was also shown and a video was done.

1990 WRDA Open Single Seat Race 16 Sept.PDF  1990 WRDA up to 2 litre Open Single Seater Race 16 Sept.PDF

Team Race Midland AC 16-9-90.PDF We were later awarded the Team Prize, on count back