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1992 Welsh Sports & Saloon Championship


Colin Gundersen wins overall title with his Porsche 911 RS after a clean sweep of Class B and an end of season overall race win -Martin Davies wins Class A and is 2nd overall. Alvin Powell also enters the Championship for the first time for the last race of the season.


(N.b In the early years we were often combined with other races)










17th May Barc Pembrey Practice times - Race Report

23rd May 750 Motor Club Result vai Press cutting

21st June Midland Auto Club Pembrey

18th July 750 mc Pembrey Practice Times - Race Result

6th September Barc Pembrey


1992 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship Final Points


 1992 WRDA Open Single Seater Races

23rd May 750 mc Programme & Practice times

Chris Wilson winner

 21st June- Midland Auto Club - Alvin Powell comes 3rd in his historic March 821 MAC Letter


Others at Pembrey 1992

8th August    

  BTCC & F3 Practice times + jpeg of the cover

F3 Results  ( Unfortunately I dont have the programme or the  BTTC results)

   8th August Prod Saloon Legend Tony Llanfranchi competes

   6th September - Star studded Formula Renault Race

   re F3 - Pedro Diniz was a team mate to Damon Hill at Arrows and did almost 100 Grand Prix, but is probably best remembered for the      headline 'Diniz in the Oven' when his Ligier caught fire in Argentina in 1996!