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 1993 Welsh Championship


 Ken's 924.jpg (36250 bytes)Ken Davies wins in a Porsche 924 as the Championship expands to new venues -

 Martin Davies retains Class A.

 Keith Butcher & Glynne Jones enter the  Welsh Championship for the first time

  Keith Butcher wins Class C

(N.b In the early years we were often combined with other races)

  3rd May Jaguar Car Club Pembrey.PDF

  16th May 1993 750 mc Pembrey.PDF

  25th April 1993 Midland Auto Club Pembrey.PDF

   23rd May Barc Pembrey.PDF

  15th August 1993 750 mc Pembrey.PDF

  21st August 1993 Barc Pembrey.PDF

  18th September1993 Barc Pembrey.PDF

  26th September1993 JCC Mallory Park.PDF

  30th Oct 93 8 Clubs Silverstone.PDF  Oct 30th 93 8 Clubs Silverstone.PDF The 8 Clubs traditionally split our drivers into a Fast & Slow races


 1993 Press Cuttings  


1993 Welsh Championship Class Points.PDF  

1993 Welsh Championship Final Points.PDF

 (Left) Keith Butcher - Class C winner 


Left (WRDA members line up)




  WRDA Welsh Open Single Seater Races  

  1993 Press Cuttings See page 4  Melvyn Coon Press cutting

  1993 Welsh Open Single Seater Regulations.PDF  

   25 April 93 Open Single Seater Race Midland Auto Club .PDF   

   18th Sept Slik Moves Welsh Single Seaters.PDF 

    Other races  

21-22 Aug 93 British F3 Pembrey.PDF  


26-27th June BTCC Pembrey.PDF