12th March test day

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12th March test day -- report n pics

There was a little respite from the recent freezing weather, but not much, on a day with sunshine and showers including hailstones! It made for interesting conditions, certainly after the track as coated with oil after an engine blow up! Amongst the drivers giving it a thrash it was nice to see some familiar faces make a comeback. Making a return after many years on the sidelines was Glynne Jones this time with an Alfa 33 "I got it off ebay!" With the car currently in a dull yellow colour Glynne who has alway professed a regard for Italian cars can be relied on to spice up the action. "At the moment it's got a standard engine and rubbish tyres but if I can get it right I hope to give the Rovers something to think about"

Another face making a comeback, but not after quite the same layoff as Glynne, was Clive Hayes with a Radical Prosport. wpe3B.jpg (83037 bytes)

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Super Dream Machine or Plumbers Nightmare - plenty of pipes on Clives car

However Clive and Terry Brown had done some mind boggling mods to the engine with a huge intercooler dominating the engine! This time it wasnt for a turbo, but a supercharger! "They use them a lot on bikes for drag racing but this one runs from the crank. Superchargers dont suffer from lag like turbos and there is plenty of torque. I only got the kit fitted yesterday and spent most of the morning finishing it off". Power should be twice the usual amount and when Clive got it running it certainly seemed quick but the track conditions made it difficult to judge how quick it will ultimately be.

Giving their standard Radicals a run were Peter Williams and Jeff Davies. testday04.jpg (46782 bytes)Adrian Chapman and the Rover bunch were also giving it a run as was one of the new contenders in a VW Golf and the Swansea Uni Locost. There were big banger sports cars too. Dave Krayem and his Stealth and Nigel Bowen and his Porker turned up to give a run, but Keith Butcher & Larry Phillips were giving another new car it's debut with the ALMS Porsche formely pedalled by Sasha Massan and Bob Wollek.  Looks good and should be good! Roll on 30th April!

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Wild Rover - Matthew ice racing skills came in handy                                                Not the weather for Golf