2005 Welsh Championship October 16th Race Report

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2002005 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Sunday 16th October. Entry & Practice

It was as you were, for 90% of the entry, except that we had the welcome return of Anthony Allitt with the ex-Rhys Lloyd Honda Vtec, Steve Pearcy dusted off the Honda Accord, but we lost Mike St Clair- Johnson with clutch failure and Adrian Chapman with broken rear suspension. Also it was Tom Richardson’s turn at the wheel of the Nemesis, although Tony had set him a hard act to follow. Tom was honest enough to admit that he might not be able to. Graham Cole was fastest in practice again follow by Tom, Peter & Richard. Anthony Allitt was the fastest saloon in 5th place with Andrew Williams a few 10ths behind. Kenny Rattenbury, Paul Trowbridge Mike Woods, Lee David and Stephen Pearcy made up the grid.

The Race 15 mins + 1 lap.

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Dicing Duo - Anthony Allitt v 2005 Champion Andrew Williams

There was a good crowd, as always at a truck meeting and this time the race got underway first time, with Graham Cole taking an immediate lead he was never to loose. Tom Richardson slotted into 2nd ahead of a fast starting Richard Rhozon closely followed by Peter Williams. Andrew Williams had also managed to jump Anthony Allitt who was equally as close. Lee David has also got the drop on Paul Trowbridge. Steve Pearcy, Mike Woods and Ken Rattenbury completed the runners, Ken recovering from guess what, a spin, but Ken was helpless with a lack of grip that hampered him throughout the race. Back at the front Graham banged in a couple of quick laps to build himself a lead and then settled to manage the gap back to Tom. Behind them Richard and Peter and Andrew & Tony were doing much liven up the race with some determined dicing. Peter passed Richard but Richard held on and kept Peter under real pressure all the way to the flag. The dice between Andrew and Anthony was equally as entertaining, and even closer with Anthony getting the Honda alongside the Sierra at the paddock turn, only to spin at the Esses, and allow Andrew to escape. However Anthony re-started without losing a place and soon got in grove and began to haul the gap back to Andrew, getting within sight, but unable to mount another challenge before time ran out. It was good but getting by on the corners was the only chance I had as he quicker down the straights, but he ran wide and I got on the grass"

As for the rest Paul Trowbridge passed Lee early on, and Ken began a fight back that took him past Mike & Steve only to loose the gains with another spin later on. Graham ran out the winner "It was much better today but the pressure was on to keep the gap"

As for the Champion Andrew confirmed " I enjoyed it and I’ll be back to defend the title next year"

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Graham picks up his race winners award from m.c Adrian