Britsports report


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Rob, Here's a couple of Photos of two of our championship contenders having a go at the recent Britsports round in Brands Hatch.

Jeff did really well to keep going the whole weekend which involved a complete engine and gearbox change....!...Steve on the other hand suffered from.....(In chronological order)...... .Fuel Pump failure, Overheating fuel, Blocked fuel filter, Broken cam bolt (Incredible repair effort) .. Belt maladies and .Loosening wheel nuts. Other than that the car went like hell and they completed both races at a competitive pace....1.28.something! and much merriment and fun was had by all - including famous Rover exponent Mathew (christ he's loud !) Perkins who was part of the pit crew. Cheers,  Graham. Thanks Graham but tell them not wear themselves out there are still some crucial & tasty Welsh Championship races to come, including Thruxton! regards Rob

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