Melodie Hughes in memoriam.

Melodie, wife of Championship Co-ordinator Nigel Hughes,  died after a fall at home on Sunday 9th October

The funeral took place at 1.30p.m at Llanelli Crematorium on Wednesday 19th October with a reception at Pembrey circuit afterwards. The funeral was well attended with a strong representation from the WRDA, along with BARC Wales, Pembrey staff and Denis Carter & Denis Harris representing BARC. At the reception Nigel commented that he never expected so many to attend and I assured him that it was a mark of the respect and affection we all have for him. Melodies ashes will be taken by Nigel to the Caribeen, which he and Melodies loved to visit and had plans to move to, and will be scatterd there. Floral tributes were made on behalf of the WRDA and Championship & donations to The National Society for Epilepsy were made.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Nigel, and to all the family.

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Melodie & Nigel in happier times

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