Pembrey 13th August report

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2002005 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

2005 Welsh Championship. Saturday 13th August - Peter Williams wins - Andy Williams scores more

Practice started wet, but a heavy shower ended any possibility that it might dry. The man on the right tyres at the right time, was Peter Williams whose pole of 60.967 secs was just over 5 seconds quicker than Dave Krayem. Third quickest and fastest saloon was points leader Andy Williams with Kenny Rattenbury alongside in 4th making it an all saloon 2nd row! Graham Cole was next up with Richard Rhozon in 6th. Daniel Davies and the VW Golf was an excellent 7th with Clive Hayes 8th. Clive has resited the oil catch tank on his Radical after his Mallory adventure, having decided not to go into the mobile barbecue business! Paul Trowbridge was 9th followed Doug Bowkett, Lee David and visitor Gethin Jones. Peter Salter, Matthew Perkins, Anthony Allitt & Chris Davies were Rovers in a row. Whilst Stephen Pearcy, and Colin and Adrian Chapman made it 19 runners in total

The race. 15 mins + 1 lap. Standing Start.

Peter Williams wins, Dave Krayem keeps him honest. Andrew Williams recovers to maintain his title lead.

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(above) Peter accepts the laurels

The rain had stopped for the race, but track was still wet. Pole sitter Peter Williams had to wring out his overalls before getting back in the car, and pre race speculation centred on who would make the best start, with a lot picking Ken Rattenbury to spring a suprise. Ken himself confirming that he like the wets. Graham Cole unfortunately has to push his car from the grid before the green flag lap, having spent lunchtime with his gearbox in bits. When the lights went out Dave Krayem proved he was wide awake by taking an immediate lead from Richard Rhozon who made an excellent start from 6th on the grid with Clive Hayes 3rd having come from even further back! Peter Williams was 4th with Ken Rattenbury the first saloon in 5th followed by Andy Williams and Daniel Davies and the VW. Stephen Pearcy had a big spin on his first lap, but then the race settled down with plenty of close racing throughout the field. However the action at the front was the most compelling as Peter Williams began to pick up his pace and move past Clive and Richard and begin to reel in Daves’ Stealth "I was trying for a good start and got it rolling but it just died on me" said Peter afterwards. As they began to lap the backmarkers Peter closed in, making a bid for the lead on the way to Brooklands. Dave re-passed him, but Peter finally took the lead on the run into Honda and then held sway until the end. Dave kept the pressure on all the way and Peter had to set his fastest lap on lap 15 to hold Dave off to win but 1.75 seconds. Also in the closing stages there were some late changes as Clive caught and passed Richard Rhozon for 3rd place late in the race. Another late change saw Andrew Williams pick Ken Rattenburys pocket for 5th place and first saloon home. Paul Trowbridge was 7th and Gethin Jones an excellent 8th after some sideways motoring in his Renault Clio. Daniel Davies was 9th followed Matthew Perkins, Doug Bowkett, Chris Davies & Lee David Lee had an interesting race, spin 3 times and getting the Black & White flag to increase his indignity! Colin Chapman was 14th ahead Stephen Pearcy, and Adrian Chapman made it 16 finishers. Peter Salter exited the track at Dibeni, nudging the tyres at the paddock whilst Anthony Allitt pulled off after 5 laps with no windscreen wipers and fogged up windscreen ..

At the end Peter Williams was well pleased with his win "I enjoyed that!"  I bet you did