Silverstone 1st October

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Silverstone 1st October

Qualifying was fairly dry with damp patches. Jeff Davies trying out the Juno again put himself on pole a second ahead of visitor Robert Oldershaw also in a Juno, David Krayem third. Clive Hayes appeared to have his car going better, ending up seventh on the grid. Nine visitors joined us for the race making a good field of twentyone cars. Nicola Bernams in a radical SR3 spun in front of Andy Williams who just missed her as did everyone else. Lee David had two spins in pratice still getting used to his new Honda. Anthony Allitt also in a Honda was well up the grid in his class.

The Race. Jeff Davies made a good start with Robert Oldershaw not letting him out of his sight from flag to flag. Track conditions were very difficult as it rained when they got to the start line , it then dried out a bit then rained again, and then started drying out slowly.

David was struggling in his Stealth with the car not sounding 100%, but finished third. Clive in his Radical almost got passed David two or three times, but as the track dried out the V8 power could be used and it did. Peter Williams struggled, managing to pull up to fifth having a good dice with Lee Parks and Ginger Marshall for a while.

Nicola (17yrs old) lucky girl, pulled up quite a few places to finish 9th.

Andy Williams, in a very strong drive finished eleventh, first in his class, securing the Championship that seem destined for him for a long time, Congratulations to him.

Anthony Allitt won his class first time out in his Honda - ex Rees Lloyd - but with a new paint job and looking very good. Ken Rattenbury was next with not a happy sounding car. Adrian Chapman won Driver of the Day with a very good drive a lot quicker than normal beating four cars (this was with a lot of encouragement from Cindy).

Lee David spun on the green flag warm up lap and got told off as he tried to take out the Jaguar fire car and rescue unit which was following close behind, unfortunately it was very wet at the time. After the race, told me his back end was very loose, not  sure whether he meant the curry or the car! After Pembrey the week before not ONE Rover was to be seen. Clive walked away with the best Radical. Noted that Ken Rattenbury drove back into the pits with all four wheels on his car!

Thanks to Tony Allen for his report.


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