Silverstone - PMC report

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The 2005 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Silverstone - Saturday 30th April - Peterborough Motor Club Meeting

 Practice - Practice went well for most. Steve Griffiths took pole position, showing Terry the way home for a change less than half a second between them. They were followed by Dave Krayem who was enjoying his first outing at Silverstone. The only person to fall foul was Mathew Perkins with engine failure still making a lot of noise. Jeff Davies did not running but a lot of rattling and did not make it to our race. Jeff Davies did his final drive in, in an earlier race. Nigel Bowen slipped out of practice after five laps. Ken Rattenbury suffered overheating, he had a bad confrontation with a BMW in an earlier race.

The Race. Steve Griffiths made a brilliant start hopefully putting enough fuel in the car this time. Terry who was hesitant was then overshadowed by some other cars e.g. Clive Hayes, Graham Cole and Dave Krayem. Adrian Chapman all on his own in Class D had a good race with two or three Caterhams. Terry was under pressure then started to drop back finally pitting with a clutch problem, this was the cause of his hesitation at the start. Looking back up the grid at the start Steven Pearcy was pushed off the line by the very efficient marshals. Graham held Dave off for second place but bit by bit Dave managed to squeeze past only to be retaken again several times until Dave slowly managed to pull away. Steve who was in the lead, spun off in the early stages slowly was working his way up the field but eventually retired after five laps. taken again, The Rovers had their own little battle with Lee David winning his class and Anthony Allitt best Rover. Meanwhile up front and nearing the end of the race Graham started to close in on Dave setting the fastest lap, but was unable to overtake and at the flag there was less than a cars length between them. Andy Williams had a clean run to win Class C and keep himself leading the Championship.

Silverstone - Dave Krayem wins - Anthony & Graham tell and say!

Anthony Allit tells it from the Rover crew perspective. I had 2 qualifying sessions and three races so what a packed day I had ! first qualifying was for the track and race car championship first out at 9am I did three laps before I broke two wheel studs , the day wasn’t looking good , but as usual with the wsscc boys I was helped out , my thanks go to Chris Davies for lending me two wheels studs and to Richard Rozhon and his dad for helping me refit studs and even Tony Allen helped out ! seriously guys a big thanks . qualifying for our championship went a lot better with lee losing his vtech and we had some major dices with both of us passing and reposing but lee eventually outqualfing me by 1/10th of a second , not so good for Mathew Perkins though with his crankshaft making some serious rumblings and Mathew pulling out of the race .

12.25 saw my first race with the TRC guys , from the back of the grid I passed a few guys and had some good racing also joining In on the action was Chris Davies , and we both came home with smiles on our faces !

Lee was out with the SEMSEC boys outpacing the BMWs obviously finding a cure for the vtech problem ..blast !!

2.25 I was out with the TRC boys starting a few more spots ahead due to the previous race , and there was plenty of action out there with 1car rolling on Its side at LuffIeld 1 ! past 2 cars and had a fun time , Chris again joined In and was battling away behind me ! showing what the rovers can do !!

2.50 !! our TRC race was over but we were sent through a specially opened gateway to go back to the assembly area where the WSSCC boys were waiting to go out , a quick refuel for

Chris and myself and we were back out In the next race !!

I had a good start with lee just keeping ahead of me , poor Steve Pearcy threw a driveshaft on the line !! lee pulled quietly away from me , I was able to keep Chris at bay whilst looking after my brakes and tyres as this was the second race In a row and my tyres had started to overheat at the end of the last race !! so It was a fairly quiet race just keeping my pace and looking after the car , Chris came In with a lap 1/10th of a second faster than me but victory was mine in the Rover Marquee !!!! along with second In class to Lee In his vtech , with a great night on Friday. Lisa and myself had a great weekend and cant wait for the next , even Lisa’s hooked now !!

Graham Coles account of Saturdays activity....... Heavy, heavy cold.....probably after that 'orrible wet weekend in Pembrey a couple of weeks back ! Still Mark Bailey fixed the box and everything ran fine. Sole objective for the weekend though was to kick Steve Griffiths' ass after he had the cheek to get a bigger engined Jade than mine! Qualified a lowly 4th although I didn't get a clean run after being held up, and to really rub it in, SG got pole! Before the race though I improved the handling after John and Richard Rozhon loaned me their set up scales (thanks guys, and special thanks to Dave Krayem's crew who acted as ballast for the setup!) Ray, Steph, Janet, and Neil also changed the clutch master cylinder for me before the race which transformed the feel of the car and made it much easier to drive, and also a special mention must go to Sue who does so much to make my racing possible!

So, I got a good start from 4th and jumped both David (Krayem) and Terry (Brown) to chase down Steve (Griffith) into the awesome Copse corner. Stuck to him as far as Luffield where he spun but I had to hold back while he decided which direction he should fly off, which meant that Mr. Brown was now on my ass! He stayed there down the straight and around Copse and as we took the unsteady route around Becketts he had a nibble but then disappeared. He told me later that his Clutch had expired. On track I was of course gutted at Steve and Terry's demise but put my grieving to one-side (hrmppphhhh!) and set about staying in front. All was fine until I got to the backmarkers who all behaved impeccably I thought, although inevitably when meeting on corners I tended to lose time. So it wasn't long before I noticed a black thing in my mirrors! (David's Stealth). I tried to keep him at bay but with my cornering advantage effectively removed by backmarkers, it was after one such melee that I found myself alongside him on the back straight. I didn't see him for long though as the bloody thing just flew past and nearly burnt my overalls with a slug of flame from his goddamn dustbin diameter silencers!! I spent the rest of the race chasing him down when empty corners permitted, but most of the time that wasn't the case, effectively leaving it as a drag race down the straights and I was never going to win that one as I think he had a few more BHP Than me! Still never mind, it was a super race, and I have to say thanks to my new pit crew (!), and especially to all the people who we lapped as thanks to their vigilance we didn't even have a scrape, despite a few wild lunges on my part!! Terrific weekend, just wish I could shake off this damned Cold! CU soon