Graham Cole turbo Jade


Graham Coles' turbo Jade & his family tree!

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 Graham describes the Cole Family Tree. Let me describe our family members..... Justine our eldest daughter lives in Kidwelly near Pembrey. She is married to Myd, short for Mydrian - the tidy guy who drives the black SR3. Alexis, our son, is the next oldest and he drives the Nemesis - quickly. His girlfriend is Amy, the pretty blonde girl who presented the trophies at the last Pembrey. Tracey, our final and youngest child, is the noisy blonde girl you roped into presenting the trophies at Brands - I can confirm that though she and Alexis have now reduced their child-like battles to the occassional fight only, they can in no way be described as Boyfriend/Girlfriend, or have any intention of becoming man and wife!! Graham and Sue.  Hope that clarifies it .... By all means let the others know as this seems to be a constant source of confusion amongst my fellow competitors too! (Thanks to Graham for that)