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2006 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

July 30th Pembrey - Race 1. 15 mins + a lap – Rolling Start -  The Dave & Peter road show

Race 2.2.jpg (172851 bytes)Dave Krayem, (left car 8) driving a Radical Prosport scored a dramatic win double at Pembrey on Sunday 30th July, under heavy pressure in both races from Peter Williams (car 88). The points gap to Andrew Williams closes as Andrew pulls off in race one but then bounces back in race 2. Photo Gallery

Practice & Entry – Session one Sunday 30th July

There was good sized entry for the first Pembrey meeting in what seemed an age, with some welcome returns and some new fresh faces.

Heading the time sheets in his first run out with us, was Special Saloon and Clubmans legend Ginger Marshall (well its better than saying veteran). Ginger has been threatening to appear with us for some time with his self penned Bowlby Clubmans.

It looked impressive and went well in the wet morning practice, taking pole position, but that as far as it went with oil pump failure putting an end to proceedings. Ginger himself was philosophical "That’s motor racing, or if you cant take a joke, don’t turn up!" Just as well he’s sponsored by www.copingwithcalamities.com!

This effectively left Dave Krayem on pole with his Radical Prosport, with Clive Hayes and his MRC 2nd and Peter Williams Prosport 3rd all covered by less than a second. Andrew Williams headed the saloons getting the better of Martin Davies in the greasy conditions, with Lee David 7th in his turbo Honda CRX. Paul Trowbridge was 8th with Anthony Allitt ahead of Mark Nicholson and Steve Pearcy how was 11th ahead of some new faces headed by Andrew Meyrick who was making good use of his virtually historic Vauxhall Chevette. Verity Banks was 13th in the Advent Motorsport Proton. Verity was having only her 4 ever race and the treaded tryes put her 13th ahead of fellow adventurer (Advent –tourer. Get it? Oh well!) Nick Jones, Ginetta pedaller Chris Everill, Mike Woods and Adrian Chapman in 17th.

Practice & Entry – Session Two Sunday 30th July

Dave Krayem took pole, this time for real, with Clive Hayes 2nd but with Peter Williams missing with fuel problems, Martin Davies was 3rd with Chris Everills G20 4th Andrew Williams, Anthony Allitt, Lee David, Mike Woods, Paul Trowbridge Steve Pearcy, Mark Nicholson, Adrian Chapman ahead of Nick Jones, Andrew Meyrick and Verity Banks 15th. Practice was red flagged after Mike Woods stove in his front end and there was much fettling to do in the paddock during the lunch break

 The race One 15 mins + a lap – Rolling Start

Dave Krayem lead the pack to the line and on to Hatchets where Peter Williams emerged in the lead, followed by Martin Davies, Paul Trowbridge and a cloud of dust and tyre smoke! When that cleared Clive was stationery & sideways and Lee David was someway down in the pack and soon to take a grassy trip on the outside of Dibeni. Clive however, was out on the spot! Anthony Allitt & Andy Williams soon got past PT who had Chris Everill for company. After a big gap Mark Nicholson headed Stephen Pearcy, Mike Woods, Andrew Meyrick, Verity Banks, Adrian Chapman, Nick Jones and the recovering Lee David (who only last a lasted a few more laps before pulling off with a misfire).

Behind the front 5 or so cars there was plenty of action, but it was the battle at the front that was holding centre stage where Peter Williams and Dave Krayem seemed to joined by a piece of elastic! At times it seemed a pretty short piece too as first Dave hit the front only to have Peter slingshot back to the front again. There was a lot of side-by-side racing and places swapped and traded at will. There has been lots of great racing in the Welsh Championship over the years and Peter & Dave have had battles before, but this was turning into one of the best and most intense of all time!

In the meantime Andrew Williams overtook Anthony Allitt who soon had Chris Everill on his mirrors. Eventually behind the war at the front Martin Davies settled into a lonely 3rd with Andy Williams, Chris Everill, Anthony Allitt and Paul Trowbridge all equally spaced out. Stephen Pearcy & Mike Woods were having a private battle with Mike getting by in the later stages. Adrian Chapman meanwhile was having one of his best races and had slotted into what was to become 9th place ahead of Nick Jones, Andrew Meyrick and Verity Banks. Eventually, after all the trading places at the front, Peter Williams had a narrow lead from Dave, Andrew Williams had inherited 3rd after Martin Davies pulled off with a puncture, with Chris Everill 4th and Anthony Allitt top saloon in 5th. However they all got a last lap boost when Andrew Williams pulled off with a blown fuse in the petrol pump.

Meanwhile after a quiet 5 minutes Dave gathered himself for a final challenge, closing up on Peter under braking at Hatchets and grabbing the lead for the final dash to the line, using the traffic well to put himself out of Peters’ reach as the chequered flag dropped after an awesome duel that did credit to both drivers

Roger Gale Report

Race 2. 15 mins + a lap – Rolling Start - Dave & Peter road show part 2

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