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2006 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

July 30th Pembrey - Race 2. 15 mins + a lap – Rolling Start - Dave & Peter road show part 2

Race 1.3.jpg (373332 bytes)(left- there was plenty of Saloon Car Action too)

Despite the assistance of 1988 Champion Mark Chandler (nice to see you Mark, where’s the car?), Clive found the MRC had too much damage amidships to take the start, leaving Dave Krayem on his own at the front. With Peter Williams starting at the back, the big question was, how long would it take Peter to get through the pack?

Not long was the answer as he had the Radical well wound up and was 4th out of Hatchets on the first lap, quickly dispatching Andrew Williams & Martin Davies in quick succession to sit a few seconds behind Dave Krayem by the end of the first lap! "The track just opened up and I was able to go straight through" explained Peter.

Dave however was concerned "I thought it might take him a few laps so I was suprised to see him right there so soon!" From lap 4 onwards there was virtually no gap between Dave & Peter but this time Peter seemed content to keep the pressure on rather than make a determined or desperate bid for the lead. Martin Davies settled into 3rd with Andrew Williams 4th and Anthony Allitt 5th. Ginetta pair Paul Trowbridge & Chris Everill had an early dice before Chris joined Mike Woods in the pits, leaving Paul on his own in 6th with Steve Pearcy 7th.

There was plenty of action between Adrian Chapman, Mark Nicholson and Nick Jones and Andrew Meyrick and Verity Banks for the minor places. Eventually the pressure from Mark pushed him and Adrian clear of Nick, with the Rover passing Adrian in the closing stages. Adrian wasn’t taking that lying down and he responded with his fastest lap of the race on his final tour to cross the line virtually side by side.

At the front the last lap board was also the signal for Peter to show his hand and the pressure on Dave increased with the Radicals entering Honda for the final time side by side! Dave however found enough drive to hang on and take his second win of the day only 3/10th ahead of Peter after another super race.

Afterwards Peter said "It was so close it was a great race. I did want to take the lead early on as I didn’t want Dave hassling me like I was hassling him!" Dave confirmed that he could feel the pressure. "I thought I’d have some time to build a lead before he get through from the back of grid but he didn’t" Peter picked up the Driver of Day award as a deserved award for his efforts, Tony Allen confirming that the crowd were applauding their efforts.

The next races at Pembrey on August 19/20 have got a lot to live up to, hopefully with even more cars on the grid. Might even see some or all of the Cole family back on the track too!

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