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Mallory Park Report - Entry & Practice

Mallory Park was looking spic and span with a nice new Race Control looking very 21st century, although the track remains basically the same!   Peter Williams driving his Radical Prosport took pole with a time of 47.769 secs almost a second clear of newcomer Leigh Parkes driving a Nemesis RE97 who set a time of 48.915. Leigh had only finished the car on Wednesday and this was its first run. Peter & Leigh were the only drivers under 50 seconds. Clive Hayes was 3rd with 50.448 making it 1-2-3 for the sports racers. Andrew Williams was first of the Saloons in 4th with Mike Woods 5th, newcomer Peter Rowney in a Westfield 6th, ahead of Anthony Allitt 7th. A returning Stephen Pearcy was 8th, ahead of Adrian Chapman.

The race 15 mins + a lap - Peter Williams wins - Adrian Chapman and Steve Pearcy stage the "Dice of the Day"

With Peter and Leigh clearly in contention for the win, it was a disappointment when the Nemesis disappered on the green flag having stopped with a broken driveshaft. A breakdown truck was dispatched to Gerrards to tow back the stricken car and the field departed in a 2nd green flag lap. When the lights changed Peter did one of his special starts and emerged from Gerrards in 3rd place behind Andrew Williams and Clive Hayes. Peter soon disposed of Andrew and then closed quickly on Clive to take the lead, before drawing away to control the race form the front. Andrew was a clear leader in the saloons Adrian v Steve.jpg (57230 bytes)despite having to hold 4th gear in! Anthony Allitt had his Clio humming and got the jump on Mike Woods at the start and was soon pressing Peter Rowney up the inside at the Esses before outbraking him at the hairpin. Sadly Peter then retired to the pits, leaving Mike with a long chase of the disappering Clio. However although gaps began to grow between the rest of the feild Stephen Pearcy had  Adrian Chapman for close company.

But Adrian wasn't content to chase, he was up for a race, putting Steve under extreme pressure throughout the race getting alongside several times at the Esses, on the outside, and even on the inside! (left -Fight to the finish - Adrian & Steve Battle it out)

Steven was able to resist but some times it was touch and go with Adrian alongside and trying as hard as he could to nail it!. In the end Steve held the place, and Adrian had to settle for 7th, and the 'Driver of the Day' award. In the paddock at the end it was all smiles after what was a hard fought but clean contest that was a credit to both drivers. Somtimes its a pity there is only one Driver of the Day award.

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The 'Crowd' waits for the Awards




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