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Pre season test report March 11th Pembrey

There were several new cars & and few new drivers out at the recent test day at Pembrey as competitors started gearing up for the 2006 Welsh Sports & wpe78.jpg (22037 bytes)  wpe79.jpg (12003 bytes)Saloon Championship. In contrast to the freezing cold temperatures in the days before, (and since)  the test day itself was a pleasantly warm spring day!  Amongst the drivers giving it a go, Anthony Allitt was getting used to the sequential gearbox on his left hand drive Renault Clio, but was revelling in it. "It beats having to fiddle for a gear when one of the important corners is coming up! James Wood will be driving the Honda that Anthony used to set a new class lap record late last year, whilst newcomer Mark Nicholson from Port Talbot, was getting ready for his first season in competition! "I’ve just done a few track days and the ARDS at Pembrey so I’ll be looking to find my way in slowly" Mark will be driving a Rover 216 Gti an excellent car for a newcomer. Mike Edgell completed the saloons with a modern update on the classic Mini. Only this one has Carbon Fibre front & rear bumpers! New cars - no 98 Mike Edgells' Mini - no 5 Anthony Allitts' Clio

wpe48.jpg (10801 bytes)wpe49.jpg (17258 bytes)wpe4C.jpg (22853 bytes)New Faces  - Mydrian Harries - Alexis Cole - Mark Nicholson

wpe47.jpg (89757 bytes)There were plenty of sports cars too, with Graham Cole, Champion in the 2000 season, on hand to oversee cars for his son, Alexis and his son-in-law Mydrian. Mydrian, until recently a rally star driving a Darrian, was getting used to his Radical and Alexis was getting used to his newly acquired Nemisis, but unfortunately also acquired an education on the special properties of Carbon Fibre, which is very light & strong but also very fragile! Class A champion Dave Krayem was also on hand to give his massive and impressive Stealth a run. All in all it looks like an interesting year in prospect with the first round scheduled for 15/16th April at Pembrey.

Left Stealth unclothed