Alex Jones confirms moves to top team
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Alex Jones British Duratec Formula Ford campaign 
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Alex confirms moves to top team, after mechanical problems at Croft force his hand.

Alex Jones who started the season with some promising results has moved from Myerscough Racing to Kevin Mills Racing, one of the top FF teams, after mechanical problems at Croft forced his hand. This will not only give Alex the best chance to develop as a driver, but may help to recover his Scholarship chances. (He has suffered a series of mechanical problems that saw him leave Croft with two DNFs and a DNS!) He leaves Myerscough on good terms, as they realise he is now ready for the further development opportunities that Kevin's team can offer.

Alexs move will also see him switch to a Spectrum chassis. Kevin welcomes Alex aboard what will now be a three car team developing the new Spectrum. The car has never been race in the UK before this season, although enjoying considerable success in its home country of Australia. "I am quite excited about the move", says Alex "I have been watching the progress of the Spectrums since the start of the season and they look as if they have a lot of potential".

"Shaking the car down at Rockingham on Friday went well" says Alex, "I put in some decent lap times towards the end of the day, on a standard spec car". A full testing and development programme will continue with the next test at Snetterton on Tuesday, 13th May. Alex is excited and thrilled about the move, and believes that joining Kevin Mills’ team gives him the opportunity to reach his full potential in Formula Ford.