Alvin Powell-now back home
2008 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Alvin Powell - Good News- Now home!!

Alvin June 08v2.jpg (37838 bytes)Just to let you know Alvin is well & has left  hospital and is now home, with hopefully all his problems sorted out, so he should be fit and ready for action soon. I passed on your messages, which gave both him & Glenyis a good laugh!

Messages included  Sincere Regards from Janice , Steve, Andy & Sonia "Come on you old Bugger its not time to give up yet , so get up on your feet and sock it to them. We are all so looking forward to seeing you at the Presentation in the New Year , so Get Well Soon,  wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery "

Ken Davies says "Stop farting about in bed and get those cars ready for 2009; get well soon Alvin". Ken 

Adrian Chapman says "Bad luck Alvin....obviously too much strain chasing after me all season!!   Make sure you are fully recovered before April and then content yourself by only lapping me three times per race" Best wishes Adrian  and Pauline

Larry writes - Glad to hear your ok Alvin, and managed to quash the rumour you had no heart...regards Larry

A get well soon card has been sent from the club.