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Caption Competition

Thanks to Mike Skelton, Glynne Jones, Phil Bendall, Peter Salter & others for joining in the fun

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They never told me it was like greyhound racing and I was the rabbit up front

Or - Look your names not down, you're not coming in! 

Or - Well I have got them all here on the grid, now what do I do?









June gridwalk3.jpg (111139 bytes)

Does my bum look big in this? YES! 

Keith Butcher: "That gap looks NEARLY big enough for an ex-BTCC Primera to me…"

Nigel Bowen: "That gap looks DEFINITELY big enough for an ex-BTCC Primera to me…"

Alvin Powell: "That gap looks big enough for an ex-BTCC Mondeo AND my Winnebago to me!!!"

Or ...  Pembrey fuel protest lacked support






June gridwalk4.jpg (113472 bytes)


If I just stretch my left arm a bit further I’m sure I can disable the ignition     

OR Now if I can just remove the nut that holds the wheel (while he's not watching!)









June gridwalk5.jpg (112098 bytes)


This bloody bra! 

Or-  Oh! The end of my c**k isnt half itching!

Or - If you Marshals think it is that easy, then take my overalls and show us!








June gridwalk6.jpg (97020 bytes)


So the indicators weren’t working and I had my right arm out of the right window like this, then I needed to go left so I put my left arm out of the left window like this, and then there was a hairpin and I remembered about left foot braking like this, and next thing I knew I was thrown on to the bonnet of the car….!

Or ... Sod going to euro- disney -look at this ride!

Or  ....Nigel finally gets his leg over with super(touring) model

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